Two Broads Abroad is all about the food we experience on our travels.  So our next supper club is an interpretive dance of the dishes we consumed in Spain. The selections reflect our esoteric taste AND dishes we can reproduce in the states.  For instance we had the very best spring lamb in Baeza, a small town close to Cordoba, Spain.  But for the life of me I can’t track down milk fed lamb, nor the recipe.

We started in Madrid, headed south to Cordoba, north along the coast to Valencia, even further north to Barcelona and back to Madrid.  Our journey took us to extremely traditional places that serve the ubiquitous tomato bread, tortilla and gazpacho to the likes of Pla, Tapac24, Dos Cielos in Barcelona and The Bazaar in Madrid and Seu-Xerea in Valencia where reinvention and innovation are the foremost ingredients. So this menu contains the greatest hits of our adventure—a variety of tapas and a reinvention of paella.  Hope to see you there.


Welcome Cocktail

Jamon and Queso Amuse Bouche

 Tomato Bread


(The Bazaar, Madrid )

 Chicken Croquettes

(Seu-Xerea Restaurante, Valencia)


(Our version of this classic with purple Peruvian potatoes)

 Jicama Wraps

(Pla, Barcelona)

 Seafood Paella Deconstructed

(An ode to all the wonderful seafood we consumed)

Chocolate Mouse, Coffee Ice Cream with Olive Oil and Sea Salt


The festivities start at six with welcome cocktail and amuse bouche, then dinner will be served promptly at 7:00.

Suggested donation of $45 is required to reserve your spot go to Eventbrite.  Vegetarian and food allergies can be accommodated just let us know.  Please bring wine or beverage of your choice.  Filtered water will be on tables.

You will receive an email with location details on August 13th. There are just 20 places so I hope you can make it.

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