Porcini Mushrooms–Forage first then eat.

Sometimes I have the best job in the world.  When working on food shows I get to travel around the world meeting great people and eating unusual and delicious food.  Yesterday was a perfect example.  We drove through an Ojai wrapped in a morning mist.  When we turned on to Signal Street, Osteria Monte Grappa wore the unnatural stillness of a closed restaurant.

Tammy and Stefano greeted us with their welcoming smiles and led us to their more casual pizza place place La Fonte to catch them making porcini, nettle ravioli.  A joy to behold and even better to eat.

With fresh ravioli in hand we returned to Monte Grappa to watch as Tammy and chef Marco prepared three porcini focused dishes–

Porcini mushroom ravioli with sage and brown butter.

Rocket with grilled porcini, shaved Parmesan cheese and avocado.

And the entree New York strip steak, grill porcini and grilled treviso.

I have used a lot of dried porcinis, yet never bought fresh, scared off by the price and my ignorance.  So when it was time to eat I dived in.  I selected a single slice of the mushroom for my first taste.  My mouth exploded with a meaty sweetness.  Next I scooped up a bit of mushroom, avocado, rocket, and deepened my knowledge of the phrase, “Life is sweet.”

The ravioli filled with the wilderness and perfectly paired with brown butter and sage was mine and the crews’ favorite.  Although the locally raised steak disappeared very, very quickly so I could be mistaken.

Tammy and Stefano wanted to share some chanterelle mushroom pizza as well.  The unusual combo of brie and chanterelles perfectly baked on a thin crusted pizza was spectacular.

And just think all this mushroom goodness is only an hour from Los Angeles.  But you better hurry the porcini window is a narrow one.  So go!

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2 Responses to Porcini Mushrooms–Forage first then eat.

  1. Kim says:

    I was in Ojai this summer and loved both establishments. I’m a fan of the fresh food. Any chance you know where one might forage for mushrooms locally this winter?


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