Halloween Cake Pops and Mummy Marshmallows

Ah, the last of this Halloween season’s incredible edibles are upon us…and they are absolutely wonderful and fun.  Up first are cake pops.  I had never attempted these before and they are extremely easy and the type of project that you can spread out over a few days.

I used my mom’s orange cake as a base of the pops and the Kitchn’s recipe for the cream cheese binder.  This is so easy that my sister Martha could make them, if so inspired.   I baked the orange cake in a 9″ spring pan and then poured a dozen mini cupcakes.  This cuts down the baking time and gives one more item to decorate and eat.  The process is crumble, beat, shape, stick and dip.  I used white chocolate.

Since I wanted to avoid a flattop I used some styrofoam and stuck the white chocolate dipped pops in.  Warning, this turned out to be the hardest part.  Who knew styro could be so tough?

The Mummy Marshmallows are from my favorite ladies of the cake, the CakeGirls.  Brenda and Mary have risen from the tragedy of losing their bakery and transformed into a one stop online cake shop.  Of course, being the Maher Sisters they are bringing the fun and ease to Halloween.  These marshmallow mummies on a stick are so very easy.  I used (please forgive me CakeGirls) pre-fab frosting but check out their website for the right way to do them.

Melt coating chocolate, stick marshmallows with a lollipop stick, dip in chocolate, pipe with frosting, let the kids do the rest.

And the finished masterpieces will leave you speechless.


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4 Responses to Halloween Cake Pops and Mummy Marshmallows

  1. Mary says:

    Dear Gals-
    Seriously, thank you for making our Marshmallow Mummies project. I love the marshmallow man with the moustache in the background. Hilarious…and so much fun to see how create you got with it. You’re awesome.

  2. Lana says:

    This looks easy enough for a project with my girls! And I would have to go with store-bought frosting, too:) Shhhh, don’t tell Andrew:)
    I made cake pops only once and thought they were very tedious and time-consuming. And I really don’t see the point:)

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