Travel Thursday: We’re going to Rome!!


A New Year A New Trip:  Italy here we come!

Our blog is called Two Broads Abroad and in the last year the only country we visited was Mexico for a wedding over Memorial Day weekend.  A fine trip, yet not THE trip.  So now that we are somewhat settled into our new digs it’s time to get serious and get going.  This year it’s Italy!  I’ve visited many times for work, Nahid never.  We are excited.

We actually decided on Italy as far back as September.  Nahid, being the planner that she is, signed up for alerts from various online ticket sites.  I, on the other hand, trolled the web when I got bored at work.  After looking for more than a month, we had resigned ourselves to the $1200-1300/ticket range.  Anything under that would be a score.  Sometime back in October, while eating at my desk, I checked out Cheap Tickets, selected a random Tuesday in April and counted the days Nahid had banked at work and hit “send”.  While I was wiping the smudge of avocado off my face an incredible price came up.  I mean really incredible, like $300 a ticket off incredible.  I immediately called Mz. Riz, got the okay and then booked the flights.  We just saved $600!

Our research tells us that Italy is expensive, so saving on the airfare is a great way to start this trip.  Next up was where to go? Rome and north?  Rome and south?  My mom’s family is from the south of Italy, Naples and Palermo to be exact.  So my vote: south.  Nahid said sure.  Now we plan, and that is where we are asking for your suggestions.

We plan on five days in Rome, 2-3 days in and around Naples/Pompeii then Positano/Amalfi Coast for five or six days.

So please leave your suggestions for hidden gems, great eats, whatever.  We want to hear from you!


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9 Responses to Travel Thursday: We’re going to Rome!!

  1. shockinglydelicious says:

    How exciting! I have no suggestions for you, but I am envious!

  2. One of the nicest spots I went to was Ravello on the Amalfi Coast, a tiny little village where you can get some great handmade Italian pottery. Also, a great little restaurant at the very top of the mountain in Positano. I can’t remember the name, but the ride to the top of the mountain is the best part. Have a grand time!

  3. ossobuco says:

    I just found this blog, love it already. (Now to find some farro in a local market…)
    I’m a long time Italy fan for many reasons. Many of those reasons are specific piazzas.
    A small beautiful one in Rome that I hope you don’t miss is Piazza Mattei. Don’t look it up before checking it out – part of the wonderfulness is walking into it and being surprised. If you look on a map, it’s right near the ghetto area, fairly close to the Tiber, a block or two south of the Church of the Gesu.

    Then there’s Piazza Navona, a gorgeous place, that I knew about before we saw it and had probably seen a photo in the past, but we just walked into it as a complete surprise one day. Boom! Stunning.

    I’m a big fan of the morning street market in the piazza Campo dei Fiori.

    Oh, the Pantheon..

    well, there’s too much to see and experience. Have fun.

  4. ossobuco says:

    Good to hear back. Whatever you do and see, come back and tell us. I travel vicariously now, a money matter, and am place and food avid. Oh, and I’m from Venice – as in LA, though I now live in New Mexico, miss LA.

    Anyway, I am keen to hear the goods and bads of your trip that you are ok with sharing.


  5. ossobuco says:

    One more thing, I’m also a fan of sfinciuni, a sicilian two level pizza, at least per Marcella Hazan. I’ve only made it once, and it came out great. If you see it and are hungry, try it for me.

  6. Christina says:

    Lucky you, Judy! I’m envious! My family is also from southern Italy, so I’d say “good choice!” I would fill up pages and pages if I gave you my recommendations, because I love everywhere in Italy!. Definitely go to Pompeii, since you’ll be in the area, and just north of Naples, it’s worthwhile to vist the Royal Palace and Gardens in Caserta. Enjoy, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed, no matter where you go. Buon Viaggio!

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