Rome Snap Shots

Our first day is now behind us.  And except for being sleep deprived it was quite wonderful.  We dropped our bags in our small Air BnB and set out to discover our new neighborhood–Trastevere.  FescoWistandBuilding

Then we walked over the Punto Sisto to Piazza Campo de Fiori and low and behold it’s artichoke season.  ChokeswithstemsChokeBouquet



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5 Responses to Rome Snap Shots

  1. The weather looks fantastic and so do those artichokes!

  2. Great photos! Feel like I’m in Italy…lucky you!

  3. champagne says:

    how’s the weather? i’m set to be in capri and naples in 2 1/2 weeks. Have a wonderful wonderful time in rome!

  4. Chef Debbi says:

    Very nice! Thanks for sharing…..

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