Today I was late getting to the Hollywood Farmer’s Market.  One of the items we wanted to purchase were squash blossoms.  Alas, when one reaches the market after 10:30am there are no blossoms to be had.  So I kept going on my tour looking for inspiration.

As always with the market, something or someone unique always piques my interest.  Today Lil’ Big Ups Rubber band Band was rocking it.  Somehow this guy rigged up a Staples box top with the aforementioned rubber bands and was playing his heart out.  (  Extremely enjoyable.

English peas are everywhere so of course I couldn’t resist.  Nahid and I want to create a cold soup for our next Supper Club so I’m thinking this is a good place to start.

The stone fruit is really hitting its stride.  I stopped in at Verni Farms stand ( and picked up the sweetest white peaches and some nectarines to use for dessert tonight.

As always I passed the beautiful works of art found at JCT Woodwork.  John is an amazing artist that creates beautiful wooden bowls from one piece of wood.  All is right in my world when I pass his stand.

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