Rome Day Three: Where I Fell In Love…Again

Mz. Riz and I set out to walk to the Coliseum and Forum.  The crisp blue skies of our Vatican visit lay behind a shroud of gray, muting the majesty of domes, softening their edges. The Tevere’s waters rush powerfully under bridges.  The walk is slow.  I have seen many beautiful sites in these three days yet the glimpse of Mz. Riz wrapped in her scarf watching the river fills my heart:  Her beauty, her talent for enjoying an unrushed moment, her smile.  Yes, at that very moment I fall in love…again…with Mz. Riz. Mz. Riz Montage

The smile on my face elicits a “What’s wrong with you?” reaction.  A hug and kiss on top of her head and my, “I think I’m falling in love again.”

“With Rome?”

“No you.”

We continue on our way arm in arm pass Circus Maximus, white habited nuns and the Palatine.  Mz. Riz squeezes my hand.  My words heard, acknowledged, accepted.

The spell lasts even after the onslaught of red capped kids, lines at the coliseum, gladiators looking for marks.  It lasts to today.  Graci Roma.Rome Collage

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5 Responses to Rome Day Three: Where I Fell In Love…Again

  1. What a lovely heart-warming post! Thanks for sharing.

  2. So that explains your glow we saw on Saturday! 🙂

  3. Sweet. You are BOTH lucky.

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