We are now in a new neighborhood and exploring new and new to us haunts.  We will be adding to this page as we sample what Miracle Mile has to offer.

RAY’S AND STARK BAR–It’s best if you just read the post.

COOK’S COUNTY–More to come.

Although Nahid and I travel a great deal we do live in Los Angeles.  Therefore we have a few “go to” or neighborhood places that we frequent while we are in the area.

BARBRIX–Our default restaurant is without a doubt Barbrix.  First of all it is about a mile from our house so it’s very convenient, yet more importantly it’s a great, no that should be GREAT neighborhood place.  Claudio and his wife Adria are the perfect host/hostess pair, the bartenders Brian and Jeanine have the perfect bartender gene whereby they know when to chat and when to leave you alone.  The chef, Don Dickman has an incredible palate that is a perfect match for our taste buds.  Seasonal and ever changing the menu always satisfies.  Sure bet are his clams in their varied and delicious permutations,  crustini, grilled broccolini.  Worry not there is pork belly plus an incredible selection of cheeses and charcuterie.

MICHELANGELOS–is the place where I take visiting relatives who are nervous that they haven’t had Italian in awhile.  Tony will greet you as if you are family.  The service is great and the menu accessible.

LITTLE DOM’S–Located in Los Feliz, this is our brunch spot.  Little Dom’s is usually way too busy when we arrive to sit at a table so we go to the bar.  The past two times we went there was a Prosecco special $12/bottle.  Nahid loves the Margarita Pizza I will bounce around from egg specials to their ricotta blueberry pancakes and then back to the pizza, very thin crust, almost like a cracker. Each time we go to Little Dom’s we say we’ll go to the Monday night dinner special but haven’t made it yet.

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