Kale-A-Palooza: Kale the green leafed urchin looking for some respect

Kale is never my “go to” green, I default to Swiss chard: multicolored, rich in sheen and lovely cooked or raw.  Yet kale was named as THE food theme for FBLA’s January meeting.  Yawn.  As much as I adore these meetings I was utterly uninspired as to what dish to bring, let alone what I would want to eat.  Actually, I almost made up an excuse to skip the meeting but I knew that Adair from Lentil Breakdown was going to be there so I went kale flatbread in hand.

This meeting had a special guest San Miguel Produce and chef Garrett Nishimori.  Let me tell you, chef Garrett was working it in the kitchen with his super blender and kale.

Chef Garrett Nishimori

Chef Garrett Nishimori

These smoothies were GREAT!  I think I like kale smoothies even without the tequilla.


So now that kale had provided me with an attitude adjustment I began to enjoy myself.  So much so that I forgot to take pictures of all the wonderful kale-a-licious food my fellow bloggers brought.

Well almost, and here in a video first for 2Broads is Dorothy of Shockingly Delicious‘ kale de-stemming demo.  Enjoy.

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5 Responses to Kale-A-Palooza: Kale the green leafed urchin looking for some respect

  1. Judy, Judy, Judy (channeling Cary Grant), you are having waaaaaay too much fun here on your blog! Thank you for immortalizing my goofy kale leaf stripping demo!

  2. You are GREAT in it. See what happens when I have down time. Too bad it’s ending on Monday.

  3. Garrett Nishimori says:

    It was great meeting everyone and celebrating Kale. Great post and love the video. Thanks again for letting us be a part of Kale-A-Palooza.

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